SmartStrand®:  This is a very popular stain-resistant, eco-friendly, carpet manufactured by Mohawk Industries.  It has been our best selling and most admired product for residential applications.  The carpet fibers in this product are made from DuPont™ Sorona® (a compound produced from corn sugar) that creates a luxurious soft carpet that is incredibly durable, stain resistant, and hides dirt and sand better than any other product.  SmartStrand is environmentally friendly; the manufacturing process leaves less of an environmental impact than any other carpet and because of its wonderful stain resistance, no chemicals or treatments are needed to maintain this rug.  There is wide variety of colors, designs, and thickness of this carpet.  

Berber:  Berber carpets are made with a "loop" design, giving it a more modern look with hundreds of different colors and styles.  Berbers usually have little "flecks" of different colors throughout the design.  The good thing about this multicolored design is that it is very easy to match colors throughout your room (curtains, paint, furniture, etc).  We recommend taking Berbers into consideration along with all other options because of its ability to match colors very easily. 


Broadloom Carpet:  Broadloom is a type of carpet that is woven on a very wide loom.  In other words, a typical broadloom carpet is usually found in large commercial applications such as offices, lobbies, hallways, etc.  It can and has been used in residential applications, in our experience, it looks best in large finished basements as well as staircases.  

Carpet Tiles: Carpet tiles are self-explanatory, carpet in the form of a tile.  No padding is needed, uses minimal adhesive, and brings a strong texture and design to the environment it is installed in.  Carpet tiles can be used anywhere, however, we usually only recommend it for commercial use because the designs, texture, and feeling are much more business-savvy and fit well in offices, healthcare facilities, lobbies, elevators, libraries, etc.  It gives a very sophisticated, modern, yet quiet feel to its environment.  The wonderful thing about carpet tiles is that if there is ever a stain or destroyed portion of your floor, replacement is incredibly fast and easy, simply pull up the bad tile and put a new tile in its place.   

Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT): VCT is typically used in commercial settings (hospitals, schools, etc.) however it can be put anywhere, sometimes its goes well in residential bathrooms, kitchens, and basements.  I think VCT is a good way to spruce up large open areas with or without a design or pattern; they are also very strong, durable, and can handle any type of traffic.  Most tiles have a layer of wax applied already from the manufacturer, but with most VCT applications we can provide further waxing and buffing services or simply good maintenance advice. 


Ceramic Tile: Ceramic tiles are beautiful and probably one of the most permanent applications.  Easy to clean, water does not affect them, incredibly durable, and they can come very cheap.  Ceramic tiles can be installed throughout your entire house; more common in bathrooms, showers, kitchens, basement, and back-splashes.  


Looking for the wonderful design of hardwood, ceramic tile, stones, or bamboo?  Vinyl sheet goods are a very cost efficient approach to attain the wonderful style you are looking for.  Vinyl is very strong, durable, non-skid (good for kids/elderly), simple to clean, comfortable on your feet, and most importantly...there are thousands of different designs, colors, shades, themes, etc....making it nearly impossible not find one that fits your room perfectly.  If you were already planning on doing tile or hardwood, you can find the design you are looking for, in sheet goods (sometimes for a fraction of the price).  Vinyl is always a great option to always keep in mind.  

Laminate is a synthetic flooring product that is engineered to simulate wood, and there are hundreds of different styles.  Laminate is designed with a tongue and groove type of assembly and is generally much easier to install and maintain in comparison to real hard wood.  Sometimes choosing laminate over hard wood will give you the exact same final appearance, but at a fraction of the cost of real hardwood.