For all your commercial and residential needs

Quality Floor Coverings, Inc. (QFC) would like to take this opportunity to show you the excellence in flooring that we will provide your home/company with all upcoming flooring needs. When expanding, improving, or renovating you have three guiding factors: keeping costs low, getting the job done quickly with minimal interruptions and insuring you get the quality that you deserve.  There's no job too big or too small; we have experience in nearly every flooring job. Minor repairs, full residential installation, complete commercial applications, maintenance, and more. 

When your floors are starting to look bland and boring and just not as nice as they used to...take a minute to consider replacing your floor, it could be cheaper than you think and the outcome will bring your room a change that will be noticed every day.

Some simple changes in your floors can start a totally new look that you have been waiting for, and best of all, it could be cheaper than you expected.  

With over 30 years in the field, we can analyze your room and suggest different color schemes/flooring options that can give you just what you are looking for, without the cost of an interior designer.